Evolvepreneur® Secrets for Entrepreneurs Show

Are you an online entrepreneur or looking to grow, pivot and re-invent your business and struggling with the complexity?
As a time-poor, typically underfunded online entrepreneur who receives so much conflicting advice about the best ways to grow your business, how can you compete with the big end of town without any of the resources they have at their disposal? Our mission is to start a revolution that will help entrepreneurs easily establish their own complete business system that can compete with the big end of town and mainstream social media platforms.

We want to help entrepreneurs make a real difference and navigate the messy world of startup or re-launch.
This is the Evolvepreneur Secrets for Entrepreneurs Show. 
Join me today where we dig deep with our guests and get you the best blueprints so you can fast track your business...


S3:02 [Dr Raman K Attri] Accelerated Learning & Performance

My very special guest today is Dr Raman K. Attri... Raman founded a research forum called XpertX in a niche area to help executives and professionals to accelerate their team's learning and performance. Raman offers speaking, keynotes, coaching and training apart from research collaterals. Read more

S3:01 [Martin Renaud] The Great Video Pivot

My very special guest today is Martin Renaud... Experienced videographer and producer with a wide range of skills across the television, web and film industry. As a Production Centre Manager in Montreal, produced 35 short films, documentaries and electronic art projects per year. From 2008, managed RTO in Melbourne and developed educational programs, such as the Advanced Diploma in Film and Media, a scholarship program Certificate III in Documentary Filmmaking for Aboriginals, as well as a series of workshops and seminars with internationally renowned film creatives. Has deep knowledge of filming, broadcasting and live streaming equipment. Since 2015, produced hundreds of video and live streamed hundreds of events. Read more

S2:08 [Jay Vics] Side Hustle to Marketing Magic

Wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans, Jay is not your stereotypical businessman. He started his agency as a side hustle back in 2012, with just $500 to spare from working at another company full time. Fast forward 9 years later and he’s turned it into a full-time agency helping businesses of all sizes grow their revenue through digital marketing services. When he’s not working hard to make JVI Mobile Marketing one of the best agencies in North Carolina, you can find him spending time with his wife and daughter or playing with his two fur babies! Read more

S2:07 [Christina Kumar] Take Massive Action

Christina Kumar is from Northern California. She is a Google for Entrepreneurs award-winner as well as an experienced writer and journalist. She has interviewed 100+ public figures, CEO’s, and celebrities such as Emmy award-winning Mark Steines and also has written for platforms such as Examiner.com and Business.com. Read more

S2:06 [Belinda Jane Keehn] Creating Eco-Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

A small, self-funded, eco-ethical and sustainable Australian made loungewear and pyjama range made with premium Australian organic cotton. Unique flattering and modern styles with wire-free breast support making them super versatile so you can wear them just anywhere. Realising that the fabric would be sensational for a baby wrap (recently just becoming a grandma), Baby Origami Doublewrap got a makeover and will be adding to the collection soon. Read more

S2:05 [Gilles Bertaux ] From School Project to Global Empire

As a first-time entrepreneur, Gilles co-founded Livestorm in 2016 along with Robin Lambert, Tom Forlini, and Vincent Garreau. The company quickly gained traction in Europe and North America and has nowadays over one million participants each month on its platform. In 2020, Gilles raised $30M in series B to accelerate Livestorm’s presence in Europe and the US, as well as to scale its go-to-market strategies towards mid-market and Enterprise. Gilles is an active member of the tech scene and a frequent speaker on startups, growth, and remote company culture. Read more

S2:04: [Roderick Mason] Holistic Coaching is a Better Way

Roderick M. Mason is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker Trainer Coach and the founder of Holistic Coaching Solutions. A platform focused on delivering high-end corporate training services. He is a Certified Bucket List Coach, Certified CBMC Leadership Coach, Certified Primal Health Coach, and a Licensed Diversity & Inclusion Trainer. Roderick is an avid seeker of knowledge who highly appreciates the notion of continuous improvement and growth. Read more

S2:03 Ryan Lavelle The Future is Blockchain

Mpowa is a 2 sided block chain based SaaS platform that connects the demand and supply for sustainable products, projects and initiatives, making it easier for everybody to contribute. Furthermore, it takes care of the distribution side of such initiatives, providing a all-in-one solution for all stakeholders. Mpowa's beachhead market is the clean drinking market in developing countries. Using Solvatten's (partner) water purification unit, Mpowa has already developed traction and a team of "heroes" in 6 African countries to start with, for its rollout. Read more

S2:02: [Sarah Neill] Sydney Startup Disrupting the World of Fashion

Mys Tyler is a young, venture-backed, Sydney startup disrupting the world of fashion, with a mission to help women feel more confident in the clothes they wear and fix the $1 trillion issue of returns. A combination of AI and human-based recommendations allow users to easily discover items that suit their unique physical characteristics by receiving recommendations on what to wear, and how to style them, from real, like-bodied women across the globe. The free app launched in Google Play and the App Store in August 2020 and has amassed over 75,000 downloads. Read more

S2:01 [Katia Loisel] The Pros and Cons of Launching on a Small Budget

Katia is the Founder and CEO of Love Destination, CEO of Wellness Destination from Melbourne Australia. A connection specialist; Katia is a relationship and body language expert, TV host and Founder and CEO of Love Destination, a global on-demand streaming channel dedicated to everything love, dating and relationships. Dubbed the Netflix for everything love, Love Destination is a global on-demand streaming channel dedicated to everything love, dating and relationships, with content that empowers, educates and entertains. Streaming over 1,500 expert-guided masterclasses, documentaries and films in tens of millions of homes worldwide. Stream on Apple iOS, Apple TV, Google Play, Roku, love destination.com or on your connected Vizio or Hisense TV. In 2021 Love Destination is launching a new channel, Wellness Destination, a corporate employee wellness streaming channel dedicated to taking the stress out of providing mental health and wellness benefits to employees, wherever they are. Read more