The recently held AI Community Workshop, spearheaded by Richard Wray and John North, delved into various topics revolving around artificial intelligence. From the technical nuances to broader implications, the discussion aimed to shed light on AI's current state and future possibilities. The transcript reveals a genuine curiosity and eagerness to understand how AI can be leveraged for various purposes, including both personal and professional applications.

The back-and-forth between the speakers and the audience throughout the workshop suggests a vibrant, engaged community. One moment that stands out is when Richard Wray gives a preview of what he plans to discuss, highlighting the interactive and open nature of the workshop. The event was not just a one-way dissemination of information but a collaborative effort to explore and understand the ever-evolving landscape of AI.

Some Highlights:

  1. GPT Vision: Richard Wray mentions having great results with "GPT vision stuff," suggesting that the capabilities of GPT models extend beyond text and into the realm of image recognition or vision tasks. This opens up a range of applications that attendees might explore.

  2. Common Instructions: The importance of setting up "common instructions" is highlighted, likely referring to the prompts or queries that are fed into Chat GPT. This implies that how you interact with the model can significantly impact the quality of the responses.

  3. Plugins and Extensions: The discussion touches on "plugins" that may be available or can be developed for Chat GPT, hinting at the extensibility of the technology for more specialized tasks or functionalities.

  4. Customisation: Richard Wray appears to suggest that Chat GPT can be customised to a considerable extent, possibly referring to fine-tuning or the use of specific plugins to achieve desired outcomes.

  5. Responsiveness: There is a mention of how Chat GPT responds being "super super important," which might imply that the way the model is configured to interact can greatly affect user experience.

  6. Awareness of Features: Richard Wray suggests that there are features or capabilities of Chat GPT that "you may not be aware of," indicating that the technology is continually evolving and that staying updated is essential.

These insights offer a rich tapestry of pointers that could help anyone looking to delve deeper into the capabilities and applications of Chat GPT.


A.I. Summary (of course!)

What Zoom thought:

Here's your meeting summary for John from Evolve Systems Group Pty Ltd - AI Advantage WorkShop Series on 10/17/2023. This summary has been auto-generated. AI-generated content may be inaccurate or misleading. Always check for accuracy. 
Chat GPT Workshop and Studio Lighting Discussions 
Richard and John discussed their experiences with setting up their studios and the challenges of lighting for green screens. Richard reassured Ros that she would find the upcoming Chat GPT workshop beneficial, despite her current interest in prompt-building. Richard guided the team through a workshop, demonstrating features of Chat GPT and emphasizing the importance of setting up custom instructions in the platform. He also noted that the paid version of Chat GPT offers additional powerful features. 
Virtual Team Setup and Tech Support 
Richard demonstrated a virtual team setup and how he assigns personalities and roles to each member. He introduced a new character, Bob, a customer who owns a cafe in Brisbane. Richard also explained how to utilize the chat feature in Zoom to gather responses during a virtual team meeting, using a text that he recommended. There were some technical issues with sharing the screen and video optimization, which Richard and John worked through during the meeting. 
Investing in Comprehensive Instructions for Chat GPT Benefits 
Richard discussed the benefits of investing time into creating comprehensive 'common instructions' for Chat Gpt. He emphasized that this approach could significantly ease the workload in the future. He also demonstrated how to use custom instructions to provide more detailed information about the user and their team, which can enhance the accuracy and relevance of responses from Chat Gpt. Richard also mentioned the option to add a specific type of customer if needed. The session was interactive, with Richard encouraging participants to ask questions at any point. 
Collaboration and Problem-Solving Strategies 
Richard discussed strategies for team collaboration and problem-solving. He demonstrated a method of posing hypothetical scenarios to team members, encouraging them to provide individual feedback and opinions. Personalities and team dynamics were highlighted throughout the meeting. Richard also showed how feedback could be implemented, revised, and improved. The discussion concluded with John suggesting a change to the standard email introduction, aiming for a more direct and less personal tone. 
Chat Gpt's Realistic Scenarios for Business Promotion 
Richard discussed the latest version of Chat Gpt, emphasizing its potential to generate realistic scenarios and allow for effective practice of business promotion. He suggested starting small with prompts and continuously editing them until the desired results are achieved. Ros agreed with this approach. Richard further highlighted the ability of the AI to simulate real-world situations and encourage team members to critique each other's work. The AI system was also noted to have 'personalities' and the ability to recreate realistic situations. 
Apple's AI Investment and Book Publishing Discussed 
Richard and John discussed the rapid development of AI systems, particularly in relation to Apple devices. They noted that Apple was now heavily investing in AI, which was expected to enhance the user experience on their devices, and could potentially lead to the development of new AI-only devices. The team also discussed the use of AI in book publishing, advising to start with original content and utilize AI to assist, rather than relying solely on AI-generated content. Additionally, they discussed the importance of being careful with the AI system to avoid potential trouble, and highlighted that the system seemed to have a sense of responsibility. Ros expressed interest in setting up a team for writing and authoring purposes, and was advised to consider using prompts and explore tools such as 'Prompt Genius'. Lorna, new to the topic, shared her experience as an NLP trainer and expressed interest in learning more. Richard offered her a personalized session to understand her specific requirements and make recommendations. 
Chat App Updates and Community Progress 
Lorna, John, Richard, and Ros discussed the features and benefits of a paid version of a chat application. Lorna expressed her intention to continue using the platform despite the constant updates and changes. John highlighted the platform's flexibility, enabling users to transition conversations between devices. Richard showcased an example of the chat application's AI, Chat Gpt, providing accurate information on parking availability. The team also discussed the potential of the application to generate visually appealing social media content. Richard provided Lorna with a link to book a 15-minute chat, and John encouraged Lorna to join the Venice Community Pro Group. The team concluded with personal updates and plans, including Lorna's experiences with health challenges and gratitude for each day. 

What Fathom Thought:

  • Richard discussed the features and benefits of the paid version of chat TPT, emphasizing the importance of setting up custom instructions. He also mentioned adding virtual team members with specific roles and personalities to enhance the chat experience.15:00
  • Richard mentioned that there was an option to optimize a video clip, but he was unsure about sharing the entire video. John asked about the application of this option to the problem they were discussing.20:13
  •  Richard Screenshared John, Richard, Ros, and Lorna had a conversation where they discussed the importance of building clear prompts and common instructions for using chat GPT. They also mentioned the use of specific phrases to get desired results and welcomed Lorna who had trouble finding the link.20:53
  • Richard did a fast recap of the workshop on chat TBT, highlighting the features available in the paid version. The agenda included sections on common instructions, building virtual teams, GP key vision, Darley three plugins, and ended with a Q&A session.23:18
  •  Richard Started Screensharing John, Ros, Richard, and the team discussed the importance of providing custom instructions to Chat GPT to enhance its responses. They also explored various ways to utilize the virtual team members and their personalities to obtain different perspectives and feedback.24:06
  • John and Richard discussed the process of building custom instructions for virtual team members in chat GPT. They emphasized the importance of starting with small prompts and continuously editing and adding information until desired results are achieved.  Richard Stopped Screensharing34:15
  • Richard quickly ran through a few items, including the Bing integration and the powerful GPT vision. He also mentioned the close connection between OpenAI and Microsoft, and if there was time, he planned to demonstrate a couple of quick plugins.38:39
  •  Richard Screenshared Richard explained to Ros and John how to use the paid version of GPT 3.5, which allows them to browse with Bing for up-to-date information. He also mentioned that the GPT vision feature is only available in GPT-4 and demonstrated how it works.39:22
  • Richard, Ros, and Lorna were discussing a photo, but there was a technical issue with the screen sharing. They realized they were on the wrong page and couldn't see the photo properly.44:08
  •  Richard Screenshared Richard demonstrated the capabilities of a chatbot tool that could analyze and describe various images, including dogs, a forest floor, an electricity meter, and a cheese plate. He also mentioned the possibility of asking questions and receiving recommendations based on the images.44:31
  • In the discussion, Richard expressed annoyance at the difficulty of using Discord for creating images, while John offered to share his screen and use his local version to attempt creating something related to the dog recommendation service Richard was starting.51:50
  •  John Screenshared John, Richard, Ros, and others discussed the progress of generating LIGO and adding extras to it. They also mentioned the possibility of redesigning it for an audience based on John couples in Sydney and the option to ask team members for their opinions.52:54
  •  John Screenshared John needed help enabling plugins on GPT4, specifically the Open Table plugin. Richard guided him through the process and also discussed the importance of providing specific instructions to GPT4 for better results.55:15
  • John and Richard discussed various topics including the limitations of chat GPT, Microsoft's investment in chat models, Apple's development of their own AI, and the potential for AI-generated content in writing. They also mentioned the importance of user-friendliness and the financial success of tech giants like Google and Apple.59:37
  • The group had a discussion about using AI to generate content, with John suggesting treating the AI like a human and Lorna expressing her interest in learning more about it. Richard offered to provide guidance and assistance based on specific requirements.1:07:42
  •  Richard Screenshared Richard, Lorna, and John discussed a real-world example where someone used chat GBT to find out when they could park. They found that chat GBT provided accurate information, demonstrating its usefulness in situations like picking up children from school.1:13:30
  • Richard, Lorna, John, and Ros had a conversation about the benefits of using social media and posting attractive images for their work. They also discussed booking options, with Richard asking John for the link and suggesting Lorna book some time with him.1:14:26
  •  John Screenshared John mentioned that as a member of a special group called the Venish community program, they had access to all the necessary information. Lorna confirmed that John and Ros were automatically joined, and John mentioned that he had also joined for lead management or marketing purposes.1:15:28
  • Ros, Lorna, Richard, and John had a conversation about various topics including snakes, personal experiences, and future plans. They discussed their experiences with snakes, shared personal stories, and expressed well wishes for each other.1:17:34
  • Richard and John discussed their experiences with a chatbot tool called GPT and its limitations. They also mentioned the possibility of upgrading to a paid version but decided against it due to the restrictions and difficulties they encountered.1:22:02

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