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Meeting summary for AI Advantage Pro Event Series (12/06/2023)
Quick recap
Richard introduced the latest AI system, GPT-4, emphasizing its problem-solving capabilities and ability to analyze and generate text. He also presented the AI Pro Skills Workshop series to provide entrepreneurs with real-world examples and hands-on experience. The team discussed the impact of AI on businesses, with Anthony sharing his plans to expand his consulting practice by incorporating AI, and Regina expressing her interest in exploring the potential of AI in her work.
OpenAI's GPT-4 and AI Pro Skills Workshop
Richard presented the latest AI system, GPT-4, from OpenAI, emphasizing its problem-solving capabilities and ability to analyze and generate text. They mentioned its ability to read, analyze, or generate up to 25,000 words of text, write code in all major programming languages, and understand images. Richard also introduced the AI Pro Skills Workshop series to provide entrepreneurs with real-world examples and hands-on experience. They also discussed best practices for setting up Chat Gpt, including the importance of the perfect prompt.
Attendance and AI Advantage Session Proposal
The meeting involved individuals from various locations discussing their attendance and the meeting process. Richard and John proposed the idea of introducing a special award for the most attended event in 2023. Richard also expressed their intention to lead the AI Advantage session on their own, with the possibility of dividing participants into two breakout rooms. The focus of the session was to discuss what participants were doing with AI in their businesses and to gather feedback on future AI interests. The next session was scheduled for the end of January. 
AI Potential and Limitations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Richard discussed the current state of AI, with a particular emphasis on Chat Gpt. They acknowledged its potential but also its limitations. They mentioned the AI Pro Skills Workshop series, which aims to help entrepreneurs leverage AI to automate processes. Richard also highlighted the importance of structuring AI capabilities in a meaningful way. They introduced Gpt 4, the latest AI system from Openai, and demonstrated how AI technologies can be used for marketing purposes. Lastly, Richard stressed the significance of creating the perfect prompt for optimum AI performance. 
Chat GPT Features and Image Generation
Richard presented the new features of Chat Gpt, a tool that combines data analysis and image generation. They emphasized the importance of custom instructions for more accurate responses and demonstrated this by using a photo of their dogs and asking Chat Gpt to identify them and find a nearby dog groomer. Richard also showed how to create new images using a reference photo, highlighting the potential for copyright issues. They stressed the importance of simple prompts and constant iteration in using this feature.
GPTs as Marketing Experts: Potential and Limitations
Richard emphasized the importance of setting a baseline when dealing with technologies like Chat GPT. They compared GPTs to apps, highlighting their potential to handle complex tasks. Richard demonstrated the process of creating a GPT to serve as a marketing expert for Sydney, including naming and setting up a profile picture. They also discussed the limitations of the GPT, such as its inability to create and send a Google Doc, and presented a workaround using Zapier. John shared concerns about technology taking over. 
Zapier, Microsoft Co-Pilot, and AI Automation
Richard discussed Zapier, a tool that allows users to automate and connect various applications, and demonstrated its use with two 'zaps'. They also mentioned the possibility of using other tools such as Bard from Google. Richard and John then moved on to discuss the upcoming features of Microsoft Co-pilot, which is expected to be available for regular customers next year and can integrate various Microsoft tools. They stressed the importance of using AI as a tool alongside human capabilities, not just for entertainment or replacement of human jobs. They also touched on the potential for AI to automate tasks, but highlighted the need for checks in any automation process.
AI Integration in Business Practices
Anthony, a business consultant, shared their plans to expand their consulting practice by incorporating AI. Regina, a business coach, expressed their interest in exploring the potential of AI in their work. Ros, a self-published author, showed interest in building a business around self-help books and connecting with others at a similar stage of life. The team discussed the benefits of AI and its potential in augmenting human knowledge and decision making. Anthony suggested asking AI simple questions can lead to new perspectives. Regina expressed their enthusiasm for using Zapier to improve efficiency in their business. The team also discussed the increasing role of AI and its ability to automate tasks. Newcomers Deborah and Mahesh joined the discussion, with Deborah sharing their experiences using AI tools in their small business focused on mental and emotional health.
AI's Impact on Tech Businesses Discussed
The team discussed the impact of AI on tech businesses and the potential it holds for development. Deborah highlighted the significance of AI in tech businesses and its ability to change the industry. Richard added that Microsoft has been investing in AI and has rebranded their AI program under the name "co-pilot". The discussion also touched upon the strategies of tech giants like Microsoft and Google in investing in AI to stay competitive. Mahesh shared their personal experience with AI, describing how it has enhanced their creativity and productivity, especially in their writing. They also demonstrated how AI can suggest structured frameworks for a book.
AI in Sales Analysis and Report Generation
The meeting discussed the use of AI in sales analysis and report generation. Anthony shared their experience of using AI to analyze sales data and generate reports, which saves them significant time and provides more comprehensive data. John also highlighted how AI helped them identify inactive customers and initiate new business opportunities. Richard and John demonstrated how AI can be used to analyze competitor annual reports for insights. Deborah expressed interest in using AI for basic tasks and was informed about more advanced features like Chat Gpt. The group also discussed the potential of AI in identifying weaknesses and opportunities within a business, and the possibility of customizing AI models to avoid using personal data.
AI PowerPoint Workshops and Zapier Demonstration
John and Richard discussed the potential of AI, particularly in creating PowerPoint presentations, but also highlighted the challenges such as malfunctions and inconsistencies. They announced plans to start workshops in late January, offering a discounted AI Pro membership that will increase by $100 after the promotion. Richard demonstrated the use of Zapier, a tool for automating different applications, and showed how it can be used to automatically generate Facebook posts from Youtube videos. Deborah expressed interest in this feature, and Richard suggested they book a call to discuss their specific needs. John agreed to facilitate this.


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