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"Dive into the minds of innovative entrepreneurs with "Evolvepreneur® (After Hours) Show Volume 1," a curated anthology that brings together the wisdom, challenges, and triumphs of visionary thinkers and leaders. Compiled by John North and a team of accomplished authors, this book offers a unique blend of expertise, storytelling, and actionable strategies designed to empower your entrepreneurial journey."



Includes Podcast Guest Directory of over 300 Guests!


In addition to the insightful chapters from our featured authors, I'm thrilled to share another special component of this book – our comprehensive podcast guest directory. This directory is a testament to the diverse and rich conversations that have taken place on the Evolvepreneur Podcast Show.

Our podcast has been a vibrant platform for over 300 guests, each bringing unique experiences, knowledge, and insights. This directory is a valuable resource, connecting you with a wide range of thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have graced our show. From industry experts to groundbreaking start-up founders, the directory encompasses a spectrum of voices that have contributed to the dynamic discussions on our podcast.

Each guest has shared their journey, challenges, and triumphs, offering practical advice and inspiring stories. The directory lists these incredible individuals and provides a gateway to explore their work further. Whether you're looking for inspiration, guidance, or a fresh perspective, this directory is a treasure trove of entrepreneurial wisdom.

As you delve into the chapters of "Evolvepreneur® Secrets," I encourage you also to explore the podcast guest directory. It's an opportunity to extend your learning and connect with a community of like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference in the world of entrepreneurship.

What's Inside:

  • Exclusive insights from John North, a master in business strategy and internet marketing, who shares the secrets of launching and growing a successful online presence.
  • Practical advice from Mechelle McDonald on harnessing the power of podcasting to future-proof your business and connect deeply with your audience.
  • Revolutionary perspectives on Artificial Intelligence by Richard Wray, demystifying AI and exploring its vast opportunities and implications for entrepreneurs.
  • Christine Campbell Rapin's strategic marketing wisdom to increase your visibility and influence as a podcast guest.
  • Leadership and business foundation principles from David Kitchen (Coach Kitch), enriching your leadership skills and business acumen.
  • Manny Skevofilax in "Profitable Growth Is Achievable," provides essential financial strategies, highlighting the importance of sustainable and profitable growth in business.
  • Tamara Pflug offers practical advice in "Self-Coach for Business Growth," focusing on self-coaching techniques for personal and professional development.
  • Tony Pisanelli explores personal branding and career development in "Career By Design." His insights offer valuable strategies for those looking to craft a successful career path.


Why This Book?

  • Diverse Expertise: Learn from authors with proven success in various fields, from AI and strategic marketing to financial growth and personal development.
  • Actionable Strategies: Each chapter is packed with tangible advice that you can implement immediately to see real results.
  • Community Connection: Join a community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and podcast enthusiasts eager to share knowledge and grow together.


Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Access to, an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs, by purchasing this book.
  • A comprehensive podcast guest directory, connecting you with thought leaders and innovators featured in the Evolvepreneur Podcast Show.


Make Your Mark in the Entrepreneurial World "Evolvepreneur® (After Hours) Show Volume 1" is more than a book; it's your gateway to transforming entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Whether you're starting out, scaling up, or seeking to pivot with purpose, this collection is your essential companion for the journey ahead. Get Your Copy Today and embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and success.


About The Authors

#1 International Best-Selling Authors


John North

A nine-time #1 International Best Selling Author, John North is a celebrated figure in the entrepreneurial world, known for his extensive career spanning various domains. As CEO of Evolve Systems Group, he has pioneered innovative products and services designed to empower business owners and entrepreneurs. His ventures primarily focus on book publishing and software systems, reflecting his commitment to making a tangible difference in the entrepreneurial community.


Mechelle McDonald

A multifaceted communicator from the Bahamas, Mechelle McDonald excels as an entrepreneur, growth coach, and speaker. Hosting the culturally rich show “Vibration” and the Evolvepreneur (After Hours) Show podcast, Mechelle empowers others through impactful conversations. Her commitment to community outreach is evident in her work, including her role as the proud owner of AmberL, an artisan skincare company in The Bahamas.


Richard Wray

From a small mining town in Northern England to collaborating with tech giants like Microsoft and the BBC, Richard Wray's journey in the field of Artificial Intelligence is inspiring. Hosting “The Evolvepreneur A.I. Advantage” podcast, Richard offers unique insights into AI, emphasizing technology with a social conscience.


Christine Campbell Rapin

As the CEO of CLEAR Acceleration Inc., Christine brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales, and operations. Having worked with over 400 businesses globally and generating revenues exceeding one billion dollars, Christine is a sought-after mentor for business growth and efficiency.


David Kitchen (Coach Kitch)

Bringing a wealth of experience from his time as a Division 1 Coach and his expertise in sports psychology, David, known as Coach Kitch, has significantly contributed to the fields of leadership and mindset development as the Founder and President of Edge Leadership Academy.


Manny Skevofilax

A financial strategist, Manny offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly in achieving sustainable and profitable business growth.


Tamara Pflug

An expert in personal development and entrepreneurial success, Tamara focuses on self-coaching techniques, empowering individuals to harness their inner strengths and capabilities.


Tony Pisanelli

A seasoned expert in career development and personal branding, Tony provides insights and strategies based on extensive experience, helping individuals shape their professional journeys and build successful careers.


Discover the Power of Connection: Explore Our Exclusive Guest Directory

Dive into the heart of entrepreneurship, innovation, and personal growth with our comprehensive guest directory featured in "Evolvepreneur® (After Hours) Show Volume 1". This meticulously curated directory isn't just a list; it's a gateway to a world of insights, experiences, and wisdom from a diverse group of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts who have not only dared to dream but have turned their visions into reality.


What You Will Discover:

  • Inspirational Journeys: Each guest brings a unique story of challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons learned on their path to success. These narratives provide not just inspiration but a real-world roadmap for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Diverse Expertise: From digital marketing wizards and innovative product creators to transformative coaches and visionary leaders, our directory spans a wide range of industries and niches. This diversity ensures that no matter your interest or business stage, you'll find relevant and impactful insights.
  • Actionable Strategies: Our guests don't just share their successes; they delve into the strategies that got them there. You'll discover practical tips, tools, and tactics that you can apply directly to your own projects and businesses, helping you to grow, innovate, and succeed.
  • Networking Opportunities: The directory serves as a bridge connecting you with leading figures in various fields. Whether you're looking for collaboration opportunities, seeking mentorship, or simply aiming to expand your professional network, this directory is your starting point.
  • A Lifetime of Learning: With access to such a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise, the guest directory is more than a resource—it's a companion on your entrepreneurial journey. It offers a lifetime of learning, ensuring you're always equipped with fresh ideas and perspectives to drive your ventures forward.


Embark on an exploration like no other. Delve into our guest directory within "Evolvepreneur® (After Hours) Show Volume 1" and unlock the door to a world of opportunity, knowledge, and growth. Discover the secrets to success, the power of resilience, and the joy of making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


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